The following issues are most important to Keith O. Williams. Although these issues are in no order of importance, every one is his top priority. Our issues have been taken from the Birmingham Grassroots Coalition’s The Black Agenda. With a 74 percent African-American population base, it’s important to address issues with the majority of the people instead of dealing with problems of a few.

City Services

Citizens should have access to

  • Police protection of persons and property without profiling, targeting tactics (roadblocks, checkpoints, selection, or over-policing), and activities may be deem problematic
  • Fire protection
  • Affordable utilities (electric, water, gas, etc.)
  • Pick up of trash, debris, and recyclable items
  • Government officials
  • Services offered at City Hall (licenses, contract opportunities, tax help, permits, etc.)


  • Adequate schools
  • Quality education (with attention to an African-center curriculum)
  • Partnership with businesses and nonprofit to promote sponsorship programs
  • Provide an sufficient allocated funds to the school system and hold the Board of Education account for its funding and activities
  • Make public education a resource
  • Provide opportunities for youth to further their education, continue instruction, and promote positive activity

Neighborhood Revitalization

  • Use the Neighborhood Revitalization Fund to build up neighborhoods with input from neighborhood officers and residents
  • Make sure neighborhoods and communities have the resources they need to strive (grass cutting, city services, infrastructure, access to property, networking opportunities, shopping and entertainment, etc.)
  • Re-fund and strengthen Neighborhood Associations

Budget and Taxes

  • Having a balance budget
  • End the city council’s use of discretionary funds for social, entertainment, and activities that doesn’t have the best interests of the public
  • Become totally transparent on all budget matters to include public hearings, access to information, and monitor spending
  • Have access to information regarding revenues collected and expenses being disperse.

Transparency and Accountability

  • Work to rewrite the Mayor-Council in order to have balanced powers of city government and have a solid system of checks and balances
  • To monitor government spending including disclosure of travel expenses, use of discretionary funds, contracted projects, operations, and special events
  • Have easy access to information on all matters pertaining to the city through newsletters, paper documentation, electronic communication, or other media outlets
  • Research, update, or replace city ordinances that doesn’t serve the public interests and targeting people of color
  • Appoint grassroots and community organizers to become public servants
  • Limit or end funding for entertainment and social events for public officials and staff members


  • Provide affordable housing to all citizens
  • Partner with the Birmingham Land Bank Authority, community land trust, and similar nonprofit organizations
  • Create ordinances that will provide protection against slum landlords, rent control, and housing discrimination
  • Promote homeowner, reduce poverty, and end homelessness through affordable mortgage programs, transitioning, and economic opportunities

Economic Development

  • End the food desert by promoting community gardens, building grocery stores, and provide access to affordable food options
  • Use opportunity zones to promote property ownership, entrepreneurship, and provide employment opportunities with a living salary for all citizens
  • Rise the minimum wage
  • Encourage business (including small business) development in areas without economic activity
  • Promote alternative energy sources (wind, solar, hydropower, etc.) to address environmental concerns and create new jobs in the community

Social Justice

  • Community policing
  • End the school to prison pipeline
  • Review all ordinances for the issuing of permits pertaining to environmental matter combat pollution in residential areas
  • Use the Cure Violence model to address crime by means of conflict resolution and prevention techniques.
  • Promote a strong, effective campaign to end domestic violence and crimes against children
  • Decriminalize some non-violent offenses (i.e marijuana, abortion, helping the homeless, etc.)
  • Restore offenders back into society with adequate resources and support
  • Have a network of mental health professional ready to respond to crisis
  • Have a comprehensive plan on how to deal with emergencies (i.e. homelessness, weather-related, natural disasters, mental health, etc.)
  • Update the Human Rights Commission for the sole purpose of protecting the rights of all citizens with the ability to investigate issues of discrimination, prejudice, and unethical behavior in all facets of society. It will also include elected officials and city staff within the city jurisdiction with full resources of the city including attorneys.
  • To end police violence and terrorism among African Americans and other people of color

Citizen Interaction

  • Engage with citizens with monthly and/or quarterly town hall meetings to discuss vital issues and address district or city wide concerns
  • Meet with neighborhood officers of the district for important news and updates. Issues and concerns will also be addressed
  • Have appropriate events to empower the district to work in unity
  • To meet constituents where they are based on their needs via various media including in person, telephone call, email, postal mail, social media, or by other means. Contact information will be readily available with and without request.
  • To hold businesses and organizations accountable for actions that may or may not be in the best interests of the constituents
  • Promote transparency, integrity, and accountability by providing information, updates and announcements, and to measure progress


  • Active or reactive neighborhood watch programs with coordination from neighborhood officers and citizens
  • Have a significant police presence to address crime in localize areas
  • To form a positive relationship between police officers and the public
  • To end police activities that may be harmful to African Americans and other people of color

Health and Wellness

  • Having access to quality healthcare (physical and mental)
  • Making sure communities have access to healthy food choices
  • Empower people to being healthy

Youth and Young Adult

  • Work with grassroots organizations to engage young people through mentoring
  • Partner with the Youth Services Department to provide positive activities and opportunities to shape and guide the holistic person
  • Promote STEM program in schools
  • Form a youth council as an avenue for young people to become involve in city government politics, and social interaction

Senior Citizens

  • To protect from discrimination and unfair practices from city government, the business sector, and nonprofit organizations
  • To uphold the Senior Citizens Bill of Rights
  • Provide them with assistance in finding programs to help them become active active and have a good quality of life

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