A love for community and a heart for the people is what motivate Keith O. Williams to do his best best as a minister, entrepreneur, and community activist.

Williams was born on April 25, 1974 as the third of five children of Albert Williams Sr, a retired steel worker of 30 years and Dorothy L. Hampton, a caregiver. Despite many financial challenges, Williams consistent support of his family, church, and teachers who invested in him as a child. His quality public school education pushed him to reach his potential, preparing him to graduate from A.H. Parker High School in 1992 with honors. Williams continued his studies at Alabama State University, Miles College, and Library University.

After graduation, Williams began a long career as a poet. He served in the US Army in 1997 during the Persian War Campaign and had an honorable discharge. Others milestones including starting a private consulting firm, Our Private Moments (now Greater Works Business Services) in 1998 and was ordained as a minister from St. Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries in Hephzibah, GA in 2001.

Williams moved to Waverly, VA where he founded Great I Am Ministries Outreach International in 2003 with the mission of preaching God’s word and tending to those less fortunate. He traveled through out Virginia engaging in evangelistic and domestic missions work as well as providing pastoral care to individuals without a church home. In 2004, Williams became a published author with book credits to his name such as The True Experience, Spirit Led Spirit Fed, and Lessons for Life. Additionally, he become a strong advocate for the homeless and devoted the rest of his life to caring for people in needed. In 2007, Williams started The Works as an internet radio broadcaster. He gave a platform to people who could not have a voice on mainstream media and open the floor to topics the media won’t cover.

Williams began his activist career in 2010, advocating on issues such as homelessness, literacy, religious freedom, and poverty. In 2016, Williams returned to his native city to begin a career in politics. He ran for Birmingham City Council in 2017, Delegate for the Alabama State Democratic Executive Committee in 2018, and North Titusville Neighborhood Vice President in 2018. His advocacy work extends to include human rights, neighborhood revitalization, urban transportation, education, and political accountability and transparency. Williams was in the top five for appointment to the Birmingham City Council in December 2018, but plans on running for a seat in the future.

Williams currently serves as Vice President of the North Titusville neighborhood, having appointed appointed in June 2018 and elected to a full two year term in October 2018. He is also serves as Pastoral Care Pastor at Church of the Highlands. Furthermore, he is a founder member of Our Revolution Birmingham, Faith in Action Alabama, Alabama Arise, Alabama Democratic Reform Caucus, and a nonvoting member of the Jefferson County Democratic Executive Committee. Williams was married to Sheona B. Tibbs in 2001 and was divorced in 2016 after 15 years of married. He have no children.