We must make sure that the budget is prioritize to where it benefits the majority instead of the minority.
  Budget Transparence
It’s very important that the city budget be presented to the citizens at their request and provide periodical updates on monies spend at such times specific to inquiry.
Since this is funds generated from taxpayers, it’s very paramount that these monies be spent on items based on the needs of the citizens of the city, not to engage in wasteful spending.
  Balance Budget
The budget must be balance to make sure all monies are accounted for with fairness insuring that the city priorities are intact and represents all needs of the people.
                                                                                          City Budget
I believe the budget is not prioritize to meet the needs of all citizens; benefiting only the minority. Many issues is as education, roads, security, and infrastructure should be top priority.


Civil Rights
We must insure that all people, regardless of who they are, have the same freedom and equality that we daily take for granted.
  Human Rights
I firmly support the Human Rights Ordinance, a law that will guarantee equality regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, age, or any other protection under federal law. Any type of violations should be handled by a commission with the full resources of the city as recommendations of prosecution and punishment as deemable under the law.
I move beyond my personal beliefs and stand to support equality/justice. As many of us to disagree doesn’t give us the right to mistreat just because of who they are. They deserve the same protection.
Everyone should posses the same quality of life no matter who we are. I am dedicating to fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves until we all treated equally. I stand for the right.
This will not stand! I will not tolerate anyone using racism to destroy anyone. We should be judge by our merits not the color of our skin. While color exist should not stop us from working together.


The police, the city leaders, and the people. Together we can fight crime and make our neighborhoods safe.
  Crime Prevention
In order to address crime, we need to address other issues that cause crime (i.e. education, poverty, mental health, society. We need to educate the people about the seriousness of crime and have opportunities to keep people off the streets. The Cure Violence Reduction Method is a sure way to deal with crime through counseling, mentorship, and conflict resolution/interruption to address underestimated issues.
  PolicingThere must be adequate police officers patrolling the streets in high crime areas in order to deter criminal activity.  The police duty is to serve the public, protect property, and treat people with dignity and respect. The police should have a relationship with the citizens they are protecting in order to build trust and ensure accountability.
  Criminal Justice Reform
Policing should be based on people in general and not race. Therefore, prevention of crime must have equal weight as the prosecution of it equality to everyone. Punish of crime must also be addressed.
Many people in my community do not feel safe walking or at home due to increase in thief, loitering, prostitution, and violence. A lack of police protection keeps people living in fear. There must be a positive relationship between the police and the people working together to deter crime. Community policing is one way we can take back our streets


Civil RightsWe must insure that all people, regardless of who they are, have the same freedom and equality that we daily take for granted.
By attracting businesses to the area, hundreds of new jobs will be created for people who are able to use public transportation or walk to work.
  Economic Development
I work with city leaders to help attract new businesses (large and small) to the community that will create jobs, increase purchasing power, and strengthen the local economy.
  Minimum Wage
I believe there should be a livable wage where people will be able to meet their needs, provide for their families, and have an enjoyable quality of life.
There needs to be an improvement in our roads, bridges, sidewalks, and lighting. I will work with the city and the state to make sure we have the funds and place to upgrade.
                                                                                   Neighborhood Revitalization
The people in all neighborhoods must come first. Therefore, I will fight to create opportunities for affordable housing, infrastructure, economic development, and community engagement.


An investment in education is an investment in our city. Many things can happen if get knowledge. Education opens the doors to many things.
Civil RightsWe must insure that all people, regardless of who they are, have the same freedom and equality that we daily take for granted.
  TeachersOur teachers must be equip with the tools and resources necessary to instruct, mentor, and guide students to their fullest potential. Teachers must be creative, nurturing, authoritative, and community oriented.
  School Safety
Safety in our schools should be a top priority. Not by arming teachers, but by having a strong law enforcement presence that deals with more in prevention than prosecution. Furthermore, teachers, parents, and counselors can work together to create positive activity, mentorship, and conflict resolution to address individual and collection problems inside and outside the classroom.
  Higher Education
We must invest in our high schools in order to prepare youth to engage in many post-secondary education and employment options. These individuals are our future leaders and must prepare them to become moral and productive citizens in society.


Government Reform
Our government should be working for the people that elected them to do their job in the best interest of the people and not their own.
We must demand that our elected official be transparent (providing citizens with information), accountable (being able to question our government), and have integrity (being honest and ethical in our speech and actions) to ensure our government is working for the people at all times. If something is going on, we need to know about it.
  CorruptionCorruption have undermine the government and the overall democratic platform and must be stop at the source. We can’t allow people to use their office for personal gain and destroy voters’ trust. They must be called out.
  The Mayor-Council Act
There must be a legitimate balance of power between the mayor and the city council. At its presence state, this document must be amended to keep people from using it for personal gain and corruption.
Elections of any kind must be fair, candidates must be honest, and the people must be educated on the people and issues that affect them. Election laws must be enforced to stamp out corruption.


A lack of anything for a substantial quality of life is unacceptable. We must redirect our priorities in order to address this issue.
With about 40 percent of the people living in poverty, monies should be allocated to communities where blight and deterioration exist. Programs should be created to redevelop neighborhoods.
  HomelessnessIt’s never accept for the government and the community ignore those who are without help or hope. Both entities must come together with a workable strategic plan on making sure we deal with the issue. A centralize department needs to be establish with a collection of individuals and organizations at standby to fulfill the needs of our homeless population.
  Poverty Reduction
Through a centralize department working with various individuals and organization, we are able to provide a wide range of services so homeless individuals can become productive citizens.
  Public Assistance
People in neighborhoods who cannot get to vital services will be able to have a centralize location to have those services. We not only want to reduce homelessness but to prevent it.