I, Keith O. Williams, hereby endorsed The Black Agenda as highlighted from the Grassroots Coalition of Birmingham. I proudly support this pledge because I agree that African Americans are encourage form our their own infrastructure. We must ensure that our interests are being heard and addressed. Additionally, I will work with city leaders, activists, and grassroots organizations to ensure that our voices are heard and your needs take care of.

Based on The Black Agenda’s initiatives and proposals, here is how I will address each of the following issues:

To deal with poverty, I plan on:

  • Pushing the Alabama Legislature in passing a bill that will allow a livable wage
  • Reaching out to environmental groups, such as Gasp, Sierra Club, and Alabama Arise to advocate for alternative energy that will create new jobs and opportunities for lower energy cost
  • Using the community framework plan and land trust model to revitalize neighborhoods, stimulate economic growth, and provide affordable housing
  • Gathering together the education organizations and advocates to promote business development and entrepreneurship 


Community Policing and Criminal Justice Reform
To deal with this issue, I plan on:

  • Extending power to The Human Rights Commission to investigate crimes of any civil rights violations to include elected officials, police officers, individuals, and professionals
  • Bringing back neighborhood watch programs in community where such is absent via citizen police training
  • Working with Faith in Action Alabama and other organizations to decriminalizing marijuana with a bill already in progress.
  • Promoting and executing the Cure Violence Initiative, a program specializes in promoting conflict resolution and community policing tactics to fighting the streets of crime
  • Dismantling the “War on Crime” by using grassroots organizations already on the ground doing the word. Additionally, these entity should pull their resources together to engage more people


Expansion of Black Wealth
To deal with this issue, I would like to:

  • Promote business ownership through education, service referral, and resource collaboration and networking
  • Find and/or create financial institutions that will cater to economic and personal development
  • Conduct a study of the state of economic stability of African Americans to determine what steps are needed to achieve sustainability
  • Works with existing landowners, individuals, businesses, and organizations to network with resources, time, and talent to promote entrepreneurship and mentoring success


Transparency, Accountability, and Response from Government
For this issue, I plan on:

  • Holding elected officials accountable by speaking out against objectionable speech and behavior
  • Being transparent by providing information to people that don’t have access or cannot attend meetings or gathering. This further includes public information and expenditures allocated to elected officials
  • Advocating to the state legislature by changing the Mayor Council Act to legitimate balance power between the mayor and the city council that will benefit the majority
  • Researching and revoking ordinances that target the poor and people of color; and voting for laws that benefit them
  • Remaining to be an activist/advocate while serving in office
  • Expanding funds for neighborhood associations, cut down on red tag on paid community funding, and promote positive revitalization 


For this issue, I plan on:

  • Advocating for life skill and vocational training in the school system
  • Working with educators and education advocates to create an Afrocentric based curriculum inside and outside the classroom
  • Provide students with apprenticeship, mentorship, and internship opportunities for vocational and technological careers
  • Empowering youth to engage socially and professionally with their peers and others
  • Using education as a resource to enlighten, empower, and to create opportunity
Affordable Housing
For this issue, I plan on:

  • Using the community land trust option to address the food desert, develop affordable housing options, and endorse the land bank option to promote home ownership
  • Working with black own financial institutions that will lend money for the purchase and maintenance of affordable housing
  • Working with community framework plans and its implantation committee to advocate for fair housing opportunities
  • Advocating for working strategic plan on how to deal with homelessness and find like minded individuals and organizations to execute it


Health and Wellness
For this issue, I plan on:

  • Providing information and resources for health opportunities for people without health care options
  • Setting up a mental health agency based on the New York Department of Mental Health and Hygiene to address mental illness
  • Ensuring that health care is available and affordable for everyone